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Episode 18

Nate Figgs is back with for a full 3 hours in episode 18 - And earns yet another unfortunate nickname thanks to Lenny.

Published 2018-03-20

Episode 17

Finally, the one & only Andrew Collura is back in Delray Beach to reunite with his former training partner Lenny.

Published 2018-03-11

Episode 16

In Episode 16 we welcome Big Rob from Big Rob Fitness.

Published 2018-02-27

Episode 15

Back for another episode.

Published 2018-02-20

Episode 14

No Sound Cloud, no problem. The one & only Adam Harper finally joins us on episode 14.

Published 2018-02-13

Episode 13

After a very menty week, we welcome back Dale Chance to the podcast to address how the week's events unfolded. Plus Lenny comes up with a rather interesting GoFundMe concept & has a few choice words for Jay Z...

Published 2018-01-30

Episode 12

In Episode 12 Dale Chance joins us by phone as he recovers from his car accident.

Published 2018-01-23

Episode 11

In episode 11 we welcome back Nate Figgs along with Lenny.

Published 2018-01-17

Episode 10

Lenny took the evening off & The Motor City Madman was back with us & filled in admirably. For those who want to hear more about his background in power lifting be sure to tune in.

Published 2018-01-10

Episode 9

Xmas & New Year holiday break is finally over and we welcome back The Motor City Madman in episode 9.

Published 2018-01-03

Episode 8

The Delray Misfits Podcast - Episode 8 by The Delray Misfits Podcast

Published 2017-12-13

Episode 7

In episode 7 we update everyone on Emma's condition & welcome Mike P. on to the show. He was Lenny's first training partner back in the mid 90s before the days of Andrew Collura. He also happens to have The Iron Sheik's phone number, so we gave him a call! Check Youtube for some highlights of this episode.

Published 2017-12-05

Episode 6

"Synthol" Marc joins the crew in Episode 6.

Published 2017-11-28

Episode 5

Emma joined us on the podcast last night. She was a lot of fun and kept the conversations interesting. Plus Jay masters joins us by phone and gives Lenny some good advice.

Published 2017-11-21

Episode 4

In Episode 4 we welcome Nate Figgs to sit down with us as he gets the opportunity to confront Jason about some of the things he's said & done.

Published 2017-11-14

Episode 3

In Episode 3 we welcome Big Richard & Jason into the mix for over 2 hours of fun.

Published 2017-11-07

Episode 2

Jay Masters is in town for the week and made an appearance in a 3+ hour podcast marathon. He did not disappoint. Sound issues have been addressed for the most part, still a work in progress. Episode 3: Big Richard! Stay tuned... **And for those who have been requesting videos to go along with the podcasts, parts of this one & future ones were filmed. They'll be up on the Youtube channel ASAP, but please be patient.

Published 2017-10-31

Episode 1

Here it is, episode 1 of our Misfit podcast journey. We apologize if the sound levels aren't ideal or if there's some echoing. We're still in the process of perfecting the technical side of everything. We look forward to having different guests on as often as possible, including big Jay Masters next week when he's in town. Enjoy the ment.

Published 2017-10-25