The Delray Misfits Podcast

Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 76

On episode 76 we welcome original World Gym member Big Larry, who has some great gym, life, and Lenny stories to tell - Without a doubt one of our most entertaining & outgoing guests. We look forward to hopefully creating more content with him here and on Big Lenny's channel.

Published 2021-05-23

Episode 75

Back it with special guest The Conservative Cuban.

Published 2021-05-23

Episode 74

Back it with special guest The Conservative Cuban.

Published 2021-05-23

Episode 74

Back it with special guest Cassady Campbell who was in town to film with Big Lenny down in Fort Lauderdale.

Published 2021-03-14

Episode 73

Annnnnnnnnnnd back at it for another 2+ hours.....

Published 2021-03-09

Episode 72

Back at it for another 2+ hours.

Published 2021-03-02

Episode 71

In episode 71 we welcome back Robzilla for another 2+ hours and feature call-ins from Bruno The Ref & Cassady Campbell and a rather contentious one from The Bedroom Bully!

Published 2021-02-13

Episode 70

On episode 70 we welcome back Robzilla who's got some great stories to tell about his time working with Lenny doing security at a club.

Published 2021-01-07

Episode 69

Final podcast of the year, we welcome on Mr. McCuck to talk about his brutal boxing match with The Bedroom Bully & other topics. Happy & healthy new year to all of the Maniacs around the world!

Published 2021-01-01

Episode 68 B

Finally back at it with lots to talk about!

Published 2020-12-11

Episode 68

Live Pisscast.


Published 2020-08-21

Episode 67

On episode 67 we welcome Adam McLeod back on for almost 3 hours.

Published 2020-07-31

Episode 66

Back at it for another two hours, featuring Jason from Louisiana - A longtime Misfit Maniac & former law enforcement officer who gives his perspective on the turbulent current events.

Published 2020-06-20

Episode 65

Finally back at it after a 6 month layoff. We hope to get our collective act together and do them more consistently.

Published 2020-06-04

Episode 64

Back at it for another 2 (almost) hours.

Published 2019-11-06

Episode 63

We welcome back Nate Figgs on episode 63.

Published 2019-10-02

Episode 62

Back at it with The Bedroom Bully!

Published 2019-09-19

Episode 61

In episode 61 we finally welcome PJ Braun, to the show. Lots of good topics covered by Pajamas.

Published 2019-08-01

Episode 60

Back it with Robzilla back in the house along with Pomps.

Published 2019-07-18

Episode 59

Finally back at it for another 2 hours with a detailed update on Lenny's health.

Published 2019-07-12

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