The Delray Misfits Podcast

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Episode 28

The crew is finally back after a prolonged break.

Published 2018-06-26

Episode 27

Andrew Collura is back in town for some Memorial Day weekend festivities. We welcome him back on to the podcast along with Lou D for a fun 2+ hours.

Published 2018-05-28

Episode 26

In episode 26 we welcome back Nate Figgs along with Livia for a fun 2+ hours.

Published 2018-05-15

Episode 25

In Episode 25 we welcome back Lou for another fun 2 hours.

Published 2018-05-08

Episode 24

It's just the 3 of us this week, talking about a variety of topics.

Published 2018-05-01

Episode 23

In episode 23, Hamberg from Sweden rounds out his full DRM experience by joining us for 2 and a half hours.

Published 2018-04-24

Episode 22

In episode 22 we welcome back two blasts from the past. The always energetic & outspoken Curtis from Delray Fitness stopped by to join us & he did not disappoint. We also got to hear from the Godfather himself, Sol, as he joined us briefly by telephone.

Published 2018-04-17

Episode 21

In episode 21 we welcome back The Piss Lord to make amends with The Misfits during what turned out to be a fun 2 hours.

Published 2018-04-10

Episode 20

In episode 20 we welcome Lou D., who's got a wildly entertaining arsenal stories to tell about Lenny & his own life.

Published 2018-04-03

Episode 19

In episode 19 we welcome Jay The Wolf, a Misfit Maniac from Canada. We also get Andrew Collura on the phone.

Published 2018-03-27

Episode 18

Nate Figgs is back with for a full 3 hours in episode 18 - And earns yet another unfortunate nickname thanks to Lenny.

Published 2018-03-20

Episode 17

Finally, the one & only Andrew Collura is back in Delray Beach to reunite with his former training partner Lenny.

Published 2018-03-11

Episode 16

In Episode 16 we welcome Big Rob from Big Rob Fitness.

Published 2018-02-27

Episode 15

Back for another episode.

Published 2018-02-20

Episode 14

No Sound Cloud, no problem. The one & only Adam Harper finally joins us on episode 14.

Published 2018-02-13

Episode 13

After a very menty week, we welcome back Dale Chance to the podcast to address how the week's events unfolded. Plus Lenny comes up with a rather interesting GoFundMe concept & has a few choice words for Jay Z...

Published 2018-01-30

Episode 12

In Episode 12 Dale Chance joins us by phone as he recovers from his car accident.

Published 2018-01-23

Episode 11

In episode 11 we welcome back Nate Figgs along with Lenny.

Published 2018-01-17

Episode 10

Lenny took the evening off & The Motor City Madman was back with us & filled in admirably. For those who want to hear more about his background in power lifting be sure to tune in.

Published 2018-01-10

Episode 9

Xmas & New Year holiday break is finally over and we welcome back The Motor City Madman in episode 9.

Published 2018-01-03