The Delray Misfits Podcast

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Episode 42

Another 2 hours.

Published 2018-11-17

Episode 41

In Episode 41 we welcome back The Bedroom Bully and interview Jason's new Hollywood "agent."

Published 2018-11-06

Episode 40

The DRM podcast turns the big 4-0 as we welcome back The Sith Lord & discuss the NWO trip and other topics.

Published 2018-11-01

Episode 39

In episode 39 we welcome back Lord Vader to talk about a variety of subjects. Shoutout to, go & check it out...

Published 2018-10-24

Episode 38

In episode 38 we welcome "Pomps" to the podcast, the guy who joined us in Vegas & ran out of Las Vegas Lounge.

Published 2018-10-17

Episode 37

Back at it as Lenny addresses his health & his latest stint in the hospital.

Published 2018-10-09

Episode 36

In episode 36 we finally welcome back Synthol Marc, who raises the collective IQ in the room by about 30 points.

Published 2018-10-03

Episode 35

In episode 35 we talk about our experience in Las Vegas.

Published 2018-09-21

Episode 34

Back at it for another 2 hours w/o any technical issues.

Published 2018-08-28

Episode 33

In Episode 33 we welcome back The Bedroom Bully, The Bedroom Bullshitter, The Motorcity Madman, The Lonesome Loser...Whatever you call him, Big Jay is finally back for a fun 2 hours.

Published 2018-08-07

Episode 32

Back at it for another 90 minutes -- And a huge thank you to all of the Maniacs who helped make the trip to Vegas for the Mr. O weekend happen.

Published 2018-08-01

Episode 31

From Kimbo, to Kiara, back to Kimbo. Episode 31 lands us back at Andrew's pad as we discuss something exciting on the horizon if all goes well.

Published 2018-07-27

Episode 30

We welcome Hamberg back to Delray Beach all the way from Sweden.

Published 2018-07-20

Episode 29

Wishing all of the maniacs in the U.S. a happy & festive 4th of July!

Published 2018-07-04

Episode 28

The crew is finally back after a prolonged break.

Published 2018-06-26

Episode 27

Andrew Collura is back in town for some Memorial Day weekend festivities. We welcome him back on to the podcast along with Lou D for a fun 2+ hours.

Published 2018-05-28

Episode 26

In episode 26 we welcome back Nate Figgs along with Livia for a fun 2+ hours.

Published 2018-05-15

Episode 25

In Episode 25 we welcome back Lou for another fun 2 hours.

Published 2018-05-08

Episode 24

It's just the 3 of us this week, talking about a variety of topics.

Published 2018-05-01

Episode 23

In episode 23, Hamberg from Sweden rounds out his full DRM experience by joining us for 2 and a half hours.

Published 2018-04-24