The Delray Misfits Podcast

Latest Podcast Episodes

Episode 55

Back it with Robzilla and Christian C.

Published 2019-05-09

Episode 54

In episode 54 we hear from Jay Masters as he recovers from his injury.

Published 2019-05-01

Episode 53

In episode 53 we welcome back Rob-Zilla.

Published 2019-04-18

Episode 52

Finally back at it with J-Cream, Erik from Sweden, and Delray Beach's newest resident, Rob-Zilla.

Published 2019-04-05

Episode 51

We welcome back J-Cream in episode 51.

Published 2019-03-08

Episode 50

A very sleepy Sith Lord joins us on episode 50.

Published 2019-02-15

Episode 49

In episode 49 we welcome back Nate Figgs and Adam Macleod of New Universal Order.

Published 2019-02-09

Episode 48

Back at it for over 2 hours.

Published 2019-01-24

Episode 47

On episode 47 we welcome back Christian who we had on as a guest a few weeks ago.

Published 2019-01-10

Episode 46

We welcome back The Sith Lord on episode 46.

Published 2019-01-04

Episode 45

Back at it for another 2 hours. Merry Xmas & Happy new year to all of the maniacs around the world!

Published 2018-12-21

Episode 44

In episode 44 we welcome Ian & Christian on to the podcast, 2 maniacs. Not exactly one of our most organized & structured podcasts to say the least. But a fun time was had.

Published 2018-12-13

Episode 43

Back at it for another 2 hours.

Published 2018-11-30

Episode 42

Another 2 hours.

Published 2018-11-17

Episode 41

In Episode 41 we welcome back The Bedroom Bully and interview Jason's new Hollywood "agent."

Published 2018-11-06

Episode 40

The DRM podcast turns the big 4-0 as we welcome back The Sith Lord & discuss the NWO trip and other topics.

Published 2018-11-01

Episode 39

In episode 39 we welcome back Lord Vader to talk about a variety of subjects. Shoutout to, go & check it out...

Published 2018-10-24

Episode 38

In episode 38 we welcome "Pomps" to the podcast, the guy who joined us in Vegas & ran out of Las Vegas Lounge.

Published 2018-10-17

Episode 37

Back at it as Lenny addresses his health & his latest stint in the hospital.

Published 2018-10-09

Episode 36

In episode 36 we finally welcome back Synthol Marc, who raises the collective IQ in the room by about 30 points.

Published 2018-10-03