The Delray Misfits Podcast

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Episode 68

Live Pisscast.


Published 2020-08-21

Episode 67

On episode 67 we welcome Adam McLeod back on for almost 3 hours.

Published 2020-07-31

Episode 66

Back at it for another two hours, featuring Jason from Louisiana - A longtime Misfit Maniac & former law enforcement officer who gives his perspective on the turbulent current events.

Published 2020-06-20

Episode 65

Finally back at it after a 6 month layoff. We hope to get our collective act together and do them more consistently.

Published 2020-06-04

Episode 64

Back at it for another 2 (almost) hours.

Published 2019-11-06

Episode 63

We welcome back Nate Figgs on episode 63.

Published 2019-10-02

Episode 62

Back at it with The Bedroom Bully!

Published 2019-09-19

Episode 61

In episode 61 we finally welcome PJ Braun, to the show. Lots of good topics covered by Pajamas.

Published 2019-08-01

Episode 60

Back it with Robzilla back in the house along with Pomps.

Published 2019-07-18

Episode 59

Finally back at it for another 2 hours with a detailed update on Lenny's health.

Published 2019-07-12

Episode 58

We don't care about having only 3 working mics, we're freaks!
In episode 58 we finally welcome Synthia, one of our most engaging guests to date, to the show. She might just become a regular. In the meantime we'll be working on upgrading some of our equipment in the near future. Enjoy!

Published 2019-06-14

Episode 57

In Episode 57 we welcome back The Bedroom Bully who discusses his road to recovery following his injury.

Published 2019-05-29

Episode 56

Back at it for another 2 hours.

Published 2019-05-24

Episode 55

Back it with Robzilla and Christian C.

Published 2019-05-09

Episode 54

In episode 54 we hear from Jay Masters as he recovers from his injury.

Published 2019-05-01

Episode 53

In episode 53 we welcome back Rob-Zilla.

Published 2019-04-18

Episode 52

Finally back at it with J-Cream, Erik from Sweden, and Delray Beach's newest resident, Rob-Zilla.

Published 2019-04-05

Episode 51

We welcome back J-Cream in episode 51.

Published 2019-03-08

Episode 50

A very sleepy Sith Lord joins us on episode 50.

Published 2019-02-15

Episode 49

In episode 49 we welcome back Nate Figgs and Adam Macleod of New Universal Order.

Published 2019-02-09